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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do This to Lower Your Blood Pressure Wouldn't it be great if your mind had a superpower that made your blood pressure behave?

Wouldn't it be great if your mind had a superpower that made your blood pressure behave? It does! A review of nine major studies says your mind could budge your blood pressure in a healthy direction if you give it a meditation break. Regular practice helps lower both systolic (the top number) and diastolic pressure. Breathe In, Breathe OutMeditation -- that ancient art of focusing on a phrase or mantra, letting your breath flow in and out, and allowing your thoughts to gently come and go -- is a proven stress reliever. And research now shows that regularly practicing transcendental meditation may have blood pressure benefits. (Get a head start on meditation basics by popping in the new YOU: Breathing Easy CD. It walks you step by step through several refreshing and relaxing meditation and breathing techniques.) Need more incentive to meditate? Check out these other areas that it helps improve:

Memory: Read how meditation gives you a more organized mind.
Brainpower: Check out how meditation may actually make your brain bigger.
Heart health: Find out how much lower your heart disease risk could be. Try this two-step meditation tool.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toxic Chemicals Found in our Personal Care Products
Have you ever wondered what all of the ingredients were that are contained in your personal care products? Did you know that some of the ingredients that are in our personal care products are toxic chemicals?
The website below contains a partial ingredient listing of the most commonly added toxic chemicals in our personal care products. You will be amazed at your discoveries.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dr Mercola

Organic farms have historically been small, family-run businesses producing for local markets. But as conventional agribusiness and the supermarkets move in, organic shops are expanding, being bought up, and increasingly resembling their non-organic counterparts.
Under pressure by Wal-Mart, many multinational food corporations have developed organic versions of their best-selling brands, including Heinz, General Mills, Kellogg's, Groupe Danone, Nestle, Unilever Bestfoods, RHM, Mars/Masterfoods, Kraft, Premier Foods, Northern Foods and Pepsi-Co.
You can now get “organic” ketchup, rice crispies, and ready meals -- what started out as a method of producing healthy and nutritious food is now turning out highly industrialized multi-ingredient products.
These industrial organic foods are being marketed along with vitamin-enriched products and functional foods; in the eyes of General Mills, “organic is not a revolution so much as a market niche.”

It's Official: Organic Really is Better

Cracking Down on Organic Food Fraud

EPA Muzzles Benefits of Organic

It’s mainly a matter of knowing where to find locally harvested organic foods, buying from sources you want to see thrive, and reading packaged food labels like they’re the hottest thing from Oprah’s book club.

The fact of the matter is; true organic IS better. Both for you and for the environment.
What is Organic?

To be labeled “certified organic” by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the food must be free of most:
Synthetic fertilizers
Genetic modification

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home Remedies
The following website contains all natural home remedies for skin care with homemade products. It is very interesting and I encourage all moms to check out the tried and proven home remedies!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

About Dr. MercolaAlso featured in TIME magazine, LA Times, CNN, Fox News, ABC News with Tom Brokaw, Today Show and other major media resources.

Mariel Hemingway Raves About"For cutting edge information about REAL health products and information on living well, Dr. Mercola's site is an essential to all who are yearning be balanced. His studies and products have been a staple in my life" - Mariel Hemingway

7 Ills That Don't Need Pills
In the April 2008 issue of the Harvard Health Letter, researchers explained how in many cases, the non-pharmacological approach can accomplish as much, or more, than pills. In more recent years, a gr...
13 Random Health Facts You Never Knew
I love sharing lists like these that are both educational and entertaining. Well, some of these "health facts" are more like "un-health facts" (especially #6), but they're interesting nonetheless. 1) ...
The Truth About Grapefruit and Breast Cancer
A recent chain e-mail has made some people concerned about eating grapefruit. According to the messages, a 2007 study in The British Journal of Cancer found an increased risk of breast cancer among po...
FDA Action Against Raw Milk
Special FDA agents and investigators from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration aggressively interrogated two young female employees of Organic Pastures Dairy Company, the nation's largest raw mil...
Is Your Happiness Set in Stone?
Two new studies suggest that happiness is out of your control. Rather, they found that genes and age impact your general well-being more than daily attempts to be happy.In one study of nearly 1,000 pa...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A TV in the Bedroom Means an Unhealthy Teen
Researchers have found that adolescents who have a bedroom television are less likely to engage in healthy activities such as exercising, eating fruits or vegetables, and participating in family meals. They also read and study less, and eat more sweetened ...
8 hrs ago

Marketing, Not Research, is Now the Core of the Drug Industry
In 1950, George Merck, president of the company founded by his father and bearing his name, said, "We try never to forget that medicine is for the people. It is not for the profits." If that was ever true, it is certainly not true now. Drug companies ...
8 hrs ago

Mud Harnessed to Fight Infections
Dirt may one day be better than soap for keeping harmful bacteria at bay. Arizona scientists have found a host of anti-microbial minerals in mud that could result in unconventional but effective antibacterial creams. Antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" ...
8 hrs ago

Imitating Nature Makes GREAT Products for You
Andrew Parker, a research fellow at the Natural History Museum in London and at the University of Sydney, is a leading proponent of biomimetics, the concept of applying designs from nature to solve problems in engineering, materials science, medicine, ...
8 hrs ago

How Does Aspartame Damage Your Brain?
Excessive aspartame consumption may inhibit the ability of enzymes in your brain to function normally. A new review indicates that high doses of the sweetener may lead to neurodegeneration. It has also previously been found that aspartame consumption ...
8 hrs ago

Head of CDC Admits on CNN that Vaccines can Trigger Autism
Recently Julie Gerberding, the head of the CDC, appeared on Dr. Sanjay Gupta's show House Call and explained that vaccines can trigger autism in a vulnerable subset of children. This is the claim that many parents have been making since at least the 1980's, ...
8 hrs ago

Why the Dollar is Dropping Like a Rock
The value of the dollar is dropping precipitously, and this video shows how this is affecting the prices of everything from gas to milk. ...
8 hrs ago

Creativity Jazzes Your Brain
Scientists inspired by legendary jazz musicians Miles Davis and John Coltrane are looking inside the brains of today's improvisational jazz musicians to learn where creativity comes from. The neuroscience of music is a field that's booming as more researchers ...
April 07, 2008

Red Wine and Tea Can Help Regulate Your Blood Sugar
Researchers have shown that red wine and tea may both hold promise for regulating the blood sugar of people with type 2 diabetes. Levels of blood glucose rise sharply in patients with type 2 diabetes immediately following a meal. Red wine and tea contain ...
April 07, 2008

These Germs Eat Antibiotics for Breakfast
Antibiotics are supposed to kill bacteria, not feed them. But researchers have discovered hundreds of soil germs in soil that literally devour antibiotics, and thrive with the drugs as their sole source of nutrition. These bacteria outwit antibiotics ...
April 07, 2008

Can Nanoparticles Cause Disease?
Scientists are currently researching the role nanoparticles may play in disease conditions such as hardening of the arteries and the formation of kidney stones. Nanoparticles are a thousand times smaller than bacteria, but recent advances in microscopy ...
April 07, 2008

Vaccine-Autism Question Divides Parents, Scientists
13-year old Michelle Cedillo is at the center of a court case pitting thousands of families of children with autism against the medical establishment. While a number of prestigious medical institutions say there is no link between vaccines and autism, ...
April 07, 2008

A Nearly 500 Percent Rise in Teen Breast Surgeries in Ten Years
Statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) indicate that, over the course of the previous decade, there has been an almost 500 percent increase in breast augmentation surgery for girls 18 or younger. There were one million ...
April 07, 2008

New and Deadly Virus Passed Through Sweet Food and Domestic Animals
Nipah virus, a new and deadly brain and lung disease, emerged from Singapore and Malaysia ten years ago, and it is now spreading into rural India and Bangladesh. It kills up to three-quarters of the people who become infected in some outbreaks. People ...
April 07, 2008

Changing Our Clocks: New Research Explores How Our Bodies Keep Time
Researchers have learned that circadian rhythms -- the 24-hour cycles that keep time for your body -- are involved in sleep, weight gain, mood disorders, and a variety of diseases. They have begun to make remarkable strides in identifying the genes and ...
April 04, 2008

Do You Really Need Eight Glasses of Water a Day?
Drinking eight glasses of water a day might not be as beneficial for your health as had been previously believed. A review of studies dealing with the healthy benefits of drinking lots of water concluded that, while athletes and people in hot, dry climates ...
April 04, 2008

AIDS Drug Linked to Heart Attack Risk
Ziagen, a GlaxoSmithKline AIDS drug which is among the most widely-used worldwide, may boost heart attack risks. Ziagen (also known as abacavir) is a common component in the 'cocktail' of anti-retroviral treatments that keep the AIDS virus at bay. Researchers ...

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Top 25 Summer Heartburn Triggers
Don't Get Burned by These Summer Favorites
-- By Nicole Nichols, Health Educator

Chili dogs, chocolate ice cream, and cherry cola. Summer brings a lot of tempting treats. But unfortunately, many of these warm weather foods can leave your belly more than a little upset—especially if you're prone to heartburn.Check out the list below for the 25 most common heartburn-causing foods of the season, why they're problematic for heartburn sufferers, and some alternative foods that will allow you to participate in the festivities without going hungry.

1. Beef kabobsBeef can be greasy and high in fat. Kabobs made with chicken, fish and/or veggies
2. Corn on the cob with butterButter is a known heartburn trigger.Summer's sweet corn is plenty flavorful. Try it boiled or grilled, without the butter.
3. Chili dogsChili is spicy and tomato-based, while hot dogs can be high in fat.Go for a veggie, lean beef or turkey dog and ditch the chili.
4. Chocolate mousseChocolate and dairy foods such as mousse and pudding can trigger heartburn.
If dairy foods cause distress for you, try fruit-flavored gelatin as a sweet dessert.
5. French friesGreasy and high in fatTry baked potatoes in the oven or on the grill. If you must have fries, make your own, but bake them instead of frying.
6. Fried chickenGreasy and high in fatTry skinless chicken breasts that are baked or grilled.
7. Funnel cakes Deep fried and high in fat
8. Grilled onionsOnions are common triggers for digestive distress.
9. Grilled peppersSweet or hot, peppers can cause heartburn.
10. HamburgerGreasy and high in fatOpt for a lean chicken, turkey or veggie burger.
11. Hot dogs and sausagesSome sausages can be spicy while both meats are high in fat.Try a veggie dog or a lean turkey or beef hot dog, but watch out for those heartburn-triggering toppings!
12. Hot salsaBoth spicy and tomato-based (acidic)

If tomatoes don't bother you but spices do, go for mild salsa. If you want a dip for your chips without the spice or the tomato, try mashed avocado.
13. Ice cream This dairy food can cause issues for many people and can be high in fat. Steer clear especially of mint and chocolate flavors, which can both trigger symptoms.Sorbet is dairy-free, fruity and sweet!
14. Iced coffeeCoffee and the caffeine it contains can trigger heartburn.Try iced tea instead, which contains far less caffeine.
15. Ketchup and mustardKetchup is tomato-based (a heartburn trigger) while mustard contains another trigger—vinegar.Get creative with your sandwich toppers. Try hummus, fresh herbs, low-fat mayo or a favorite low-fat salad dressing.
16. Lemon meringue pieCitrus fruits can cause heartburn.
17. LemonadeMade with an acidic citrus fruitTry apple juice or chilled water with just a touch of lemon.
18. PicklesMade with vinegar, a common triggerTry sweet relish instead.

19. PineappleAn acidic foodTry mango or papaya, which can aid digestion.
20. Potato chips with ranch dipBoth can be high in fat, while many dips are dairy-based
21. Root beer floatsRoot beer is carbonated while ice cream is a common trigger (due to dairy and fat content).
22. Salad dressingMany can be high in fat and contain herbs and spices (like garlic) that are triggers.Go for low-fat salad dressings that are light on garlic and spices.
23. SauerkrautNot for people sensitive to vinegar
24. TomatoesAn acidic food and common trigger
25. Watermelon An acidic fruit that can cause digestive distressFresh summer fruits abound.

Just avoid acidic and citrus ones. While the foods listed above are common heartburn culprits, others can eat some (or all) of them without problems. Keeping a heartburn journal can help you narrow down your unique list of triggers, just as eating smaller meals dining more slowly can also help. Here's to cool summer fare that doesn't leave you feeling burned!

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