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Organic Farm

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Madison Creek Farms
~ Farm Day May 10 ~
Farm open every weekend 9-2pm
~ Listen to our new "radio show" podcast! ~

Where we are located -> Madison Creek Farms is located just north of Nashville, Tennessee in the rolling countryside of Goodlettsville. A third generation small family farm Madison Creek sits on 38 acres which encompasses fertile valleys, natural spring feedcreek and a hundred year old stacked stone wall that runs the length of the property. The Farmhouse was build in 1919 with an addition added in 1960. A kitchen addition was completed in 2005. Crabapple stone covers the house and hand cut cedar logs from the property frame the many porches that invite and welcome visitors to the farm. Our Farm is open to the public Saturday and Sunday's 8/2pm. Visitor are welcome to tour the flower fields, stroll through the vegetable & herb gardens and shop at our on-farm market pavilion. For directions to the farm and more information about on-farm activities and things to see and do at Madison Creek Farms click here. FARM VISIT

Our Farming Practices -> We are committed to farming organically and we farm within those standards and beyond and have done so over the years, each season building our soil and keeping our farm and our environment free from harmful pesticide and herbicides while producing top quality flowers, vegetables and herb. We are strong supporters of organic farming practices and strive to build a healthy local example of what can be done without poisoning our land and ourselves while preserving our farming heritage and sustainability.

Our Flowers -> Our flower season runs from April though November with over 75 annuals, perennials and ornamentals grown throughout that time. Most of our floral production take place on 6 acres. We utilize a raised bed system to help control weeds and to elevate top soil erosion. We harvest our flowers at their best to ensure a long vase life. The post harvest care of our flowers includes using clean buckets, fresh water with a floral hydrator and preservative. All flowers are graded, sorted and sleeved within the first 4 hours of harvest. We deliver all Madison Creek's flowers within 24 hours of harvest.

Our Vegetables -> We farm two acres in organically grown vegetables many heirloom varieties that date back more than 150 years can be found growing here on the farm. Our farm trials many seeds from all over the world. We are one of the only farms in Tennessee that offer ethnic, exotic crops grown from seeds straight from Italy and France. Gourmet varieties such as Striato de napoli zucchini from Italy a rare heirloom variety that is one of the finest tasting zucchini we have ever tried. We also grow 15 different varieties of potatoes here on the farm some dating back to the 1700's. Blue's, reds, yellows and fingerling types are harvested both as baby (new) and mature throughout the summer months. Some of the rarest heirloom Tomatoes so delicious with there rich fresh taste and delicate thin skin. These are the varieties you won't find in any grocery store. We grow several different varieties and each year. We celebrate our tomato harvest and in a big way through our Heirloom Tomato Festival here on the farm where each tomato is judged on quality and taste and only the very best will be found in next years plantings. Lettuces of all shapes colors and tastes, greens from spinach to chard to specialty micro-greens are found here on the farm. We are committed (being foodie types ourselves) to growing an array of great tasting, healthy fresh produce here at Madison Creek Farms and doing it environmentally safe and low impacted globally. Come on out to the farm and experience first hand, you will see and taste the difference yourself.

Our Herbs-> Madison Creek Farms grows a wide variety of culinary herbs including 8 different types of basil 6 different varieties of thyme. we are in theprocess of constructing a formal herb garden that will provide planting beds for over 200 types of herbs both culinary and medicinal. From unusual to standard varietieswe offer a great selection of fresh herbs. For those of you that don't have much experience cooking with fresh herbs Madison Creek Farms offers great workshops/cooking demonstrations throughout the season. Check our event schedule for a complete listing. Lunch is always included and ya'll know that is worththe trip. Madison Creek Farms EVENTS

The Farmers

Mark and Peggy Lynn Marchetti along with their young son "Lucca"own and operate Madison Creek Farms. The farm has been in Peggy's family for three generations. The Marchetti's have been on the forefront of the local organic movement here in Tennessee. In 2001 Peggy organized & hosted the first Tennessee organic growers meeting that for the first time brought together 85 local farm families interested in growing their crops organically, together with state agriculture officials and national organic leaders to help form what has now offically become TOGA (Tennessee Organic Growers Association). Peggy currently presides as the president of The Franklin Farmers Market . The Franklin Farmers Market is Middle Tennessee sole farm certified producer only market. Every Saturday May/Nov 8/12pm. you can find over 65 local farmers and the best selection of organically & naturally grown produce, fruits and specialty crops. You will also find natural grass feed beef, free-ranged eggs and artisan cheeses, breads and other fine food products. Visit their website for more information on events and market updates. Franklin Farmers Market.org For more information on Mark Marchetti songs, please visit his my space site.

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Super Foods for a Super You Include these Foods for Maximum Body Benefits
Faster than a speeding bullet...More powerful than a locomotive...Nutrient-dense and packed full of health enhancing properties...Here come the SUPER FOODS!
These foods benefit the body in so many ways. They power your brain, and correctly and efficiently fuel your body. Super foods fight infection, enhance your immune system, and protect against diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and respiratory infections.
Include the following foods often, when planning your meals and snacks...

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