Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Primm Springs Soysage is a delicious meat alternative. It is made with non-GMO organic soybeans, organic whole wheat flour, organic wheat germ, nutritional yeast, and several herbs and spices. No preservatives of any kind are added and our product is vacuum sealed for freshness, rather than frozen. These factors give Primm Springs Soysage a very unique flavor that is far superior to the bland taste of most other meat alternatives.

An additional advantage of our soysage is its great versatility. It can be substituted for ground beef, pork, turkey, or sausage in just about any recipe. Soysage also makes a delicious sandwich or breakfast patty. Simply slice to desired thickness, then cook on a skillet or grill. For added convenience, soysage can also be frozen if desired.

We've posted some RECIPES on our site to show some of the easy ways that this all purpose meat substitute can be used. Each recipe is accompanied by a color photograph. We hope you will browse the recipes and begin to enjoy the great taste and health benefits of Primm Springs Soysage.


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Primm Springs Soysage is used in place of ground pork and hamburger and is extremely versatile. It is made with organic, non GMO soybeans, organic whole wheat flour, organic wheat germ, nutritional yeast and several herbs and spices. Although there are several other meat alternatives available in stores, Primm Springs Soysage has a very unique flavor in comparison. In fact, the recipes on this web site work best when used with Primm Springs Soysage opposed to others. It is hard to explain in words why it is better but we think you will agree. Let us know what you think. E-mail us at info@primmspringssoysage.com

Primm Springs Soysage is distributed by DPI Rocky Mountain and is available nation wide at many Wild Oats Markets. You may also purchase it at the Produce Place on Murphy Road in Nashville, TN. Our company is growing fast and Primm Springs Soysage may be in your town very soon.The Produce Place4000 Murphy RoadNashville, TN 37209Phone: 615-383-2664

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